This is a directory of software written in Standard ML that will work with Poly/ML. If you have a library, application or sample code in a publicly available repository that you would like to contribute to this directory please register and add it to the list. Also if you have ported Poly/ML to an operating system or package management system please add an entry.

WindowsLibraryWindows library for Poly/ML
IsabelleIsabelle theorem prover
sml-evkqueue and epoll library
sml-dbBerkeley DB v1.85
sml-bdbBerkeley DB
sml-curllibcurl and http client
sml-gumbo-parserGumbo HTML5 parser
sml-unicodeUnicode and UTF8
scancomScanner Combinators Library
sml-net-serverServer engine
sml-net-server-evAsynchronous server engine
sml-http-serverHTTP server
sml-http-server-evAsynchronous HTTP server
sha1SHA1 library (foreign language C)
YXMLQuick and easy exchange of ML values via XML/YXML
ProofPowerA theorem prover for HOL, Z and a subset of Ada
ProofPower-contribExamples of specification and proof using ProofPower,
HOL4Proof assistant for higher order logic
easylibsome "obvious" extensions of the Basis
CakeML Regression TestingAutomated regression tests for CakeML
RepointA manager for checkouts of third-party source code dependencies
sml-simplejsonStandards-compliant JSON parser in a single SML file
sml-subxmlParser for a subset of XML
sml-utf8UTF-8 encoder and decoder with simple wide-string type
sml-ttlRDF/Turtle parser and serialiser and simple in-memory RDF store
sml-trieTrie and persistent trie-based containers
SHA2SMLA SHA2 algorithm implementation of StandardML
Giraffe LibrarySML interface to libraries that support GObject Introspection, such as GLib and GTK
SMLUnitA unit testing framework for SML.
SHA3SMLAn implementation SHA3 algorithm in full StandardML
mllex-polymlA port of MLLex for Poly/ML
mlyacc-polymlA port of MLYacc for Poly/ML
portmidi-smlPortmidi library for Poly/ML on all platforms