The Static structure contains styles and notifications for Static windows.  A static control is often used as part of a dialogue box to display text labels or icons.   They can also be used to display pictures.  The values from the Notification substructure are sent as the code parameter in a WM_NOTIFY message.  Specialised button messages begin with STM_.

structure Static:
    structure Style:
        include BIT_FLAGS where type flags = Window.Style.flags
        val WS_OVERLAPPED: flags and WS_POPUP: flags and WS_CHILD: flags and WS_MINIMIZE: flags
        and WS_VISIBLE: flags and WS_DISABLED:flags and WS_CLIPSIBLINGS:flags
        and WS_CLIPCHILDREN:flags and WS_MAXIMIZE:flags and WS_CAPTION:flags
        and WS_BORDER:flags and WS_DLGFRAME:flags and WS_VSCROLL:flags and WS_HSCROLL:flags
        and WS_SYSMENU:flags and WS_THICKFRAME:flags and WS_GROUP:flags and WS_TABSTOP:flags
        and WS_MINIMIZEBOX:flags and WS_MAXIMIZEBOX:flags and WS_TILED:flags and WS_ICONIC:flags
        and WS_SIZEBOX:flags and WS_OVERLAPPEDWINDOW:flags and WS_TILEDWINDOW:flags
        and WS_POPUPWINDOW:flags and WS_CHILDWINDOW:flags
        and SS_LEFT: flags and SS_CENTER: flags and SS_RIGHT: flags and SS_ICON: flags
        and SS_BLACKRECT: flags and SS_GRAYRECT: flags and SS_WHITERECT: flags
        and SS_BLACKFRAME: flags and SS_GRAYFRAME: flags and SS_WHITEFRAME: flags
        and SS_USERITEM: flags and SS_SIMPLE: flags and SS_LEFTNOWORDWRAP: flags
        and SS_OWNERDRAW: flags and SS_BITMAP: flags and SS_ENHMETAFILE: flags
        and SS_ETCHEDHORZ: flags and SS_ETCHEDVERT: flags and SS_ETCHEDFRAME: flags
        and SS_TYPEMASK: flags and SS_NOPREFIX: flags and SS_NOTIFY: flags and SS_CENTERIMAGE: flags
        and SS_RIGHTJUST: flags and SS_REALSIZEIMAGE: flags and SS_SUNKEN: flags
        and SS_ENDELLIPSIS: flags and SS_PATHELLIPSIS: flags and SS_WORDELLIPSIS: flags
        and SS_ELLIPSISMASK: flags

    structure Notifications:
        val STN_CLICKED: int
        val STN_DBLCLK: int
        val STN_ENABLE: int
        val STN_DISABLE: int