The Edit structure contains styles and notifications for Edit windows.  Edit windows provide simple ways of entering and editing text.  Single line edit controls are frequently used in dialogue boxes to allow strings to be entered.  Multiple line edit windows can be used as simple text editors.  Specialised edit window messages begin with EM_.   The values from the Notification substructure are sent as the code parameter in a WM_NOTIFY message. 

structure Edit:
    structure Style:
        include BIT_FLAGS where type flags = Window.Style.flags
        val WS_OVERLAPPED: flags and WS_POPUP: flags and WS_CHILD: flags and WS_MINIMIZE: flags
        and WS_VISIBLE: flags and WS_DISABLED:flags and WS_CLIPSIBLINGS:flags
        and WS_CLIPCHILDREN:flags and WS_MAXIMIZE:flags and WS_CAPTION:flags
        and WS_BORDER:flags and WS_DLGFRAME:flags and WS_VSCROLL:flags and WS_HSCROLL:flags
        and WS_SYSMENU:flags and WS_THICKFRAME:flags and WS_GROUP:flags and WS_TABSTOP:flags
        and WS_MINIMIZEBOX:flags and WS_MAXIMIZEBOX:flags and WS_TILED:flags and WS_ICONIC:flags
        and WS_SIZEBOX:flags and WS_OVERLAPPEDWINDOW:flags and WS_TILEDWINDOW:flags
        and WS_POPUPWINDOW:flags and WS_CHILDWINDOW:flags
        and ES_LEFT: flags and ES_CENTER:flags and ES_RIGHT:flags and ES_MULTILINE:flags
        and ES_UPPERCASE: flags and ES_LOWERCASE: flags and ES_PASSWORD: flags
        and ES_AUTOVSCROLL: flags and ES_AUTOHSCROLL: flags and ES_NOHIDESEL: flags
        and ES_OEMCONVERT: flags and ES_READONLY: flags and ES_WANTRETURN: flags and ES_NUMBER: flags

    structure Notifications:
        val EN_SETFOCUS: int
        val EN_KILLFOCUS: int
        val EN_CHANGE: int
        val EN_UPDATE: int
        val EN_ERRSPACE: int
        val EN_MAXTEXT: int
        val EN_HSCROLL: int
        val EN_VSCROLL: int