The Bitmap structure contains functions and structures to create and operate on bitmaps.  Bitmaps are rectangular pictures in which the colour values for each pixel are given individually.  They are often used as the basis for icons.  There are two forms of bitmap: device-dependent bitmaps represented by the bitmap handle, HBITMAP, and device-independent bitmaps.

structure Bitmap:
    type HBITMAP and HDC
    type COLORREF = Color.COLORREF
    type RECT = { top: int, left: int, bottom: int, right: int }
    type SIZE = { cx: int, cy: int }
    datatype BitmapCompression = BI_BITFIELDS | BI_RGB | BI_RLE4 | BI_RLE8

    type BITMAP =
	{ width: int, height: int, widthBytes: int, planes: int, bitsPerPixel: int,
	  bits: Word8Vector.vector option }

    type StretchMode
    val BLACKONWHITE : StretchMode
    val COLORONCOLOR : StretchMode
    val HALFTONE : StretchMode
    val MAXSTRETCHBLTMODE : StretchMode
    val WHITEONBLACK : StretchMode

    type RasterOpCode
    val BLACKNESS : RasterOpCode
    val DSTINVERT : RasterOpCode
    val MERGECOPY : RasterOpCode
    val MERGEPAINT : RasterOpCode
    val NOTSRCCOPY : RasterOpCode
    val NOTSRCERASE : RasterOpCode
    val PATCOPY : RasterOpCode
    val PATINVERT : RasterOpCode
    val PATPAINT : RasterOpCode
    val SRCAND : RasterOpCode
    val SRCCOPY : RasterOpCode
    val SRCERASE : RasterOpCode
    val SRCINVERT : RasterOpCode
    val SRCPAINT : RasterOpCode
    val WHITENESS : RasterOpCode

    val BitBlt : HDC * int * int * int * int * HDC * int * int * RasterOpCode -> unit
    val CreateBitmap :
       {bits: Word8Vector.vector option, width: int, height: int,
         planes: int, bitsPerPixel: int} -> HBITMAP
    val CreateBitmapIndirect : BITMAP -> HBITMAP
    val CreateCompatibleBitmap : HDC * int * int -> HBITMAP
    val ExtFloodFill : HDC * int * int * COLORREF * FloodFillMode -> unit
    val GetBitmapBits : HBITMAP * int -> Word8Vector.vector
    val GetBitmapDimensionEx : HBITMAP -> SIZE
    val GetPixel : HDC * int * int -> COLORREF
    val GetStretchBltMode : HDC -> StretchMode

    type QuaternaryRop
    val MAKEROP4 : {back: RasterOpCode, fore: RasterOpCode} -> QuaternaryRop
    val MaskBlt :
       HDC * int * int * int * int * HDC * int * int *
       HBITMAP * int * int * QuaternaryRop -> unit

    val PlgBlt : HDC * RECT * HDC * RECT * HBITMAP * int * int -> unit
    val SetBitmapBits : HBITMAP * Word8Vector.vector -> unit
    val SetBitmapDimensionEx : HBITMAP * int * int * SIZE -> SIZE
    val SetPixel : HDC * int * int * COLORREF -> COLORREF
    val SetStretchBltMode : HDC * StretchMode -> unit
    val StretchBlt :
       HDC * int * int * int * int * HDC * int * int * int * int * RasterOpCode -> unit

		width: int, height: int, planes: int, bitsPerPixel: int,
		compression: BitmapCompression, sizeImage: int, xPelsPerM: int, 
		yPelsPerM: int, clrUsed: int, clrImportant: int
    val getBitmapInfoHdr: Word8Vector.vector -> BITMAPINFOHEADER
    val GetDIBits: HDC * HBITMAP * int * int * BITMAPINFOHEADER option -> Word8Vector.vector
    val SetDIBits: HDC * HBITMAP * int * int * Word8Vector.vector -> unit

Device-independent bitmaps.

A device-independent bitmap contains information which allows it to be written to a file and read in on a different machine with different numbers of bits per pixel.  It can also be passed on the clipboard using the CH_DIB clipboard format. A device-independent bitmap is simply a vector of bytes and is represented in ML by the Word8Vector.vector type.

getBitmapInfoHdr(vec: Word8Vector.vector): BITMAPINFOHEADER
ML Extension: Extracts the header from a vector containing a device-independent bitmap.  It is often necessary to extract the header from a device-independent bitmap in order to find the size of the bitmap needed as the argument to SetDIBits.

GetDIBits(hdc, hb, startScan, scanLines, binfo: BITMAPINFOHEADER option): Word8Vector.vector
Extracts a bitmap as a device-independent bitmap.  This function operates in two modes according to whether the binfo argument is NONE or SOME.  If NONE is passed it returns only the header.  This can be extracted with getBitmapInfoHdr and if necessary a modified copy of it can be made.  For example, the bitsPerPixel can be changed from the default for the device.  It can then be passed with SOME again to GetDIBits to extract the full device-independent bitmap.

SetDIBits(hdc, hb, startScan, scanLines, vec: Word8Vector.vector): unit
Sets a bitmap to the device-independent bitmap in the argument vector.